The Self

As with resonating with other people and topics etc there has to be just that within and throughout first .

Look In Not Out : First and most important thank you to everyone that has come here to this small simple site . While others try to complicate for ego , control , authority , division , corporize , status , profit , and the like , that will not be done here . As all things are simple , so then shall be the thinking . Simplify and Syncretism = Source/Unified . I hope you dont struggle through my writes as hard as i struggle to get them down as i see them . I try and am amateur and hope to grow and better . I dont claim to have answers but i have much thought to share . I always look inward first , see it in the self , notice it in others as well , and think . These are really my words to myself , that i have begun to share recently .This page is based on realizing/changing the habit/pattern/trait(subconscious) of pointing blame outward , always going outward for help , guidance , direction , answers , solutions , etc as we are taught and molded . So then changing that habit , to being present/mindful/aware(conscious) and going inward and finding/using the heart/intuition/soul , reconnecting the self as one and then to nature ….. also any topics that are positive and share any knowledge that might help others in consciousness , awareness , the self  . Once i study something in myself , always pointing the finger inward firstly , then i can share a thought with others . Unity to Everything . As Above So Below , As Within So Without . Know thyself and planetary rulers . Thank You . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm   :)


4 thoughts on “The Self

  1. Be one with the Source. Hello Dave, can I use some of the content on this page for translation and publications in Czech language? Not for profit! Thanks


    • You may yes but please if you could have …. “Lookinnotout . Dave Emm” . on them ? On the short writes i do . That would be nice , thank you . All the pics are just from the web on the 29 pages .


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