9 Mayan Levels Of Consciousness Explained . by dave .

The Mayan Timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness

The Mayan Timeline of the Evolution of Consciousness

We are in an exciting time where consciousness is snowballing at an amazing rate . I’ll use this great Mayan consciousness timeline as an example and visual , and just point out a couple things so one can actually have a visual on this effect we are in . Its been awhile on the mayan stuff but this is fairly simple .

So this is the 9 levels of consciousness or 9 cycles of creation , stacked like a pyramid .
So then the base being the first green level at the bottom ( the ‘ start of time ‘ ) , and below it you can see 13 sections(heavens , stages) in grey and white . Each stacked shorter green level … they all are divided into the 13 sections , right up to the top and last level .

At the left in the pyramid in each green level it tells the total length of time , of each level . If then you go to the end of each green level on the right now , it tells you the length then of each of the even 13 grey and white divisions .

Base level being 16.4 billion years long (on the left) , therefore each 13 grey and white sections are 1.2 billion years then(on the right) . So lets jump right to the top level , the 9th and final stage . On its left it is 260 days long for the whole level so each of its grey and white 13 divisions are only 20 days long each .

This result is that in 2011 , every 20 days we evolved …. it took 1.2 billion years for the same amount of consciousness evolution back in those times , at the first level . Lastly at the final and top level you can see when it started , feb 11 2011 , this was when things really took off with corporation/governments whistleblowers etc and public informers , people having more compassion and starting to stand up more etc ….. this ‘calender’ , its an interesting consciousness ‘ meter ‘ . Dave Emm , Look In Not Out .


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