One . by dave .

Left brain , right brain . Conscious mind , subconscious mind . Third eye , pineal , intuition , heart , soul , spirit , etc …. holy whos got the steering wheel here ! ?

Well science and the news show us , the subconscious does . The asleep , unaware “section” of the brain , the quick learning habit/pattern/trait forming “section” . Not by choice but by force/trickery over the ages , of mankind , pushed into the material plane mindset/existence . Possibly even the brain at birth being “one” and having divisions made/created as we grow i believe .Science claims we run off subconscious now in our daily lives as high as 90% , this is not good .
The newborn child , fully connected to all … all internal systems connected , all consciousness and awareness , the brain , heart , soul , one , connected to life and all external systems beyond the universe . If could only stay and grow in that state ….

Many words/reasons to describe the same nutshell idea , being the problem , as well as this being the answer : consciousness starting at this stage , of being aware of whatever is running the show in the self and knowing/feeling it does not resonate . If aware , present , mindful , conscious , as much as possible in daily life the subconscious programs get erased and then rewritten with the conscious , by you …. not by others etc in your environment and your perceptions when young . This i believe then starts to blend the “two” brain sections into “one” , which then resonates fully in the self , connecting the heart , soul , pineal , etc … creating first , syncretism in the self . Unity , one , internally is the connection to the one externally . These are the exciting times we are in , this shift . Just a thought … Look In Not Out … dave emm


One thought on “One . by dave .

  1. I am so very grateful for your video presentation on Cell Salts. I actually opened a YouTube account so I could communicate with you, hopefully Dave. There are no coincidences; I found your video presentation at a time when I awakened it seemed from a long sleep and remembered what I had forgotten: look and feel inside. I began a cleanse 4 days ago feeling sluggish. I have pointed questions with regard to the specific salts I am deficient in. Born mid April so would require the lacking salts thru July 21. I would like to begin the 12 salts daily and add to them the salts for April, May, June and July but it is VERY confusing wandering around the internet trying to ascertain “salt formulas” aside from just the 12 salts combined. Help! I am ASSUMING (wrong to do so…) that because Aires is #1 perhaps the cell salt formula I need would be #1 and so forth thru July 21? HELP!

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