One 1nside and 0ne Outside . by dave .

Truth/Freedom Seekers Unite !

…….awareness begins in the self . Awakening and realizing what the mind and being has become , unknowingly and with no permissions ever being granted to do so to it , over time . There is no way to push someone into seeing this , who is trapped in it . This will only drain one , mentally and then physically (there is also never the need to label such as sheeple , asleep , stupid , blind etc) . There was one thing perfected on earth , call it what you will : trickery/control/wordplay and many more , but all result in …. destroy the self , the free being on a free planet , robbed/silenced .

The thrill is when people in those situations do come around and listen inward to their first clues and then out it comes … the first statement or question triggered . The look of light in their eyes .. bingo they found it ! Don’t think , Just listen inward .

We need to pull together and help one another find the higher self , connect and feel the positive energy that is around lately , its changing and becoming very strong . Mankind has been divided and separated in every negative way conceivable on its path to self destruction , letting the material programmed mind run the show long enough . Its time for mankind to truly pull together now , unite … feel the connections … “think” from the soul , heart , intuition , spirit , instinct ….. One 1nside and ONE Outside … its all we are supposed to be … everything singularly and collective .. Dave Emm , Look In Not Out .


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