pushed to the limit : Riots for Freedom . by dave .

First …. to any and all involved in any protest on this planet for freedom and the rights of man , standing up and saying enough is enough , i salute you in an unmilitary way . Any attempt at this is positive , the techniques used sometimes turn into what they do and that is not comprehendable i dont think until you are in ones shoes . The fact alone though of actually , and finally doing something about it , is massive . Its a sign of how far we have been pushed . Cheers freedom fighters and truth seekers .

Its a bit hard to fathom what it must be like for a youth to actually have to take things into your own hands , armed with a t-shirt around your nose and mouth as a gasmask , when you dislike a government so much . Around this planet , the controlling forces push and push and take and take from the people for centuries . Really , unknowingly being enslaved etc by them , more and more everyday our rights taken away from us . Not one person on this planet has the right to enslave another , or control another , not one . If i take away all their titles and entitlements we all use with this wordplay that has destroyed our language , then leaders are nothing like everyone else . A being on earth that bleeds red blood . Theres one law on this land and the rest is common sense . Universal law , Law of man , Law of the land ….. do not harm another . I recently heard that there is over 3 billion , laws , bylaws , statutes , etc written on this planet combined ……

Its wayyyyyyyyy better i believe to willingly enroll into an army like the students did in Venezuela and fight for a purpose for the people and a freedom and a better future …. rather than your country calling you to enroll and kill other people for your so called ‘country ‘ that you so called ‘ owe ‘ . …..  ^5


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