You Hold The Light ~~~ Within and Out



4 thoughts on “You Hold The Light ~~~ Within and Out

  1. Dave…yes one earth Angel to another…with universal consciousness…thank you for exclusion…I was never a follower or a professed master…as all of us are rainbow children…..En Light IN We Shine
    Heart to heart Robyn…3rd week of blogging and glad I found you!


    • ONEderful ! Thanks very much Robyn for the kind words . ALL cells of ONE large ‘ body ‘ we are . Our cells combine and form our body … our bodies combine and form the planet body …. the planet bodies combine and form the galaxy body … the galactic bodies combine and form the universal body ….. universes combine even and form multi universal bodies … Its always been ONE (consciousness) . Any tiny spark can become a raging fire . All are masters and guru’s , of the self . Many of our great speakers never studied , they listened …. listen , dont think . Let our hearts become our voice like it was , and should be again . We have operated in the darkness long enough , its time to hit the dimmer switches and dial up some electricity , to get some bulbs glowing ….


      • Dave I am going to share what you spoke here Would you mind blogging what you just wrote …this way I can re blog it In one universal consciousness! YES YES YES Heart to Heart Robyn


      • Thanks be my guest . If you like , that was from a more detailed write i did on my page titled ” Inifinite One ” . I received that one day and wrote it out and was told its many theories or principles …. holographic universe , as above so below , etc etc ….. INjoy !


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