Conscious’ness’/Conscious’less’ . by dave .

  • awareness/awareless
  • consciousness/consciousless
  • mindfulness/mindfulless
  • presentness/presentless
  • collectiveness/collectiveless
  • happiness/happyless
  • spiritness/spiritless
  • ……

Definition of “ness”

A word ending that indicates quality or condition. Created by people to expand meaning of words. Can be added to the end of many words .

A native English suffix attached to adjectives and participles, forming abstract nouns denoting quality and state .

Definition of “less”

   Not so much : smaller in amount or number .

   1 :  constituting a more limited number or amount
   2 :  of lower rank, degree, or importance
   3 a :  of reduced size, extent, or degree
   :  more limited in quantity
Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .

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