Steps In Consciousness . by dave .

images (1)let go of past …. always move forward …. perceive everything as positive , perception and context …. dont wake up to pattern , adapt to your day , be your day …..always be true/honest to yourself/others … when advising others to be positive/aware etc , always ‘stick to your guns ‘ , to yourself as well ….. remember everything is simple …. practise what you preach ….. always be present and mindful of each thought before you speak or act ….never give negative thought to negative issues ….. be thankful for the little things in life , anything more is a bonus …. never hurt anothers feelings ….. always put in check egobrain ….. love yourself and everything …. listen from below the shoulders , call it whatever area/part/chakra….. always be you…. never harm any living thing….dont use flouride… eat organic food ….make a small change in something you dont like , for the better …. cry when you need to , it cleanses the soul ….look up at the stars at night and wonder …..turn off your tv ….. dont be the ‘you’ that others think you are ….ONE …Look In Not Out . Dave Emm


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