Gnosis/Knowledge , Explained

… it is the golden thread that runs through all religions …Gnosis is a Greek word for Knowledge, and it specifically refers to a form of mystic, revealed, esoteric knowledge through which the spiritual elements of humanity are reminded of their true origins within the superior Godhead, and being thus permitted to escape materiality. The main objective of the Gnosis is the knowledge of God, the Cause beyond all causes, and the Logos, which is the essence of truth. This is an eminent esoteric knowledge, which was clearly reserved only to a select group of seekers, in opposition to all of the exoteric material promoted regularly by the common religions, which is aimed to the regular faithful minds. The Gnosis requires illumination, comprehension and regular practices of contemplation.  Finally, it is classified as an intuitive knowledge, perfected through the understanding of the ultimate nature of reality. Alex Grey image .


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