The Room . by dave .


As i open the door and peer inside , its a large space that is dimly lit and has a slight foggy dusty haze . i see what looks like stacks of many ancient books in there , their covers worn from time , covered in dust and cobwebs . It looks like the books have travelled and aged . Have their own journeys to tell , aside from what their contents contain . Its like an ancient temple of sorts in here , its appearance resembles . There are doors to go into in here , but this one door , the only one with light coming from around its closed frame . The door that all these books are piled up in front of . Each book i touch to move , the cover opens and the pages fly by to the end and it closes . There are alot of books in here blocking the way … i think i’ll stay in here until they are all moved from that door ….. Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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