Focus . by dave .

thoth_hermes_mercury~~~ Breakdown : Thoth Phrase # 1 ~~~

Repeat thou not extravagant speech, neither listen thou to it, for it is the utterance of one not in equilibrium. Speak thou not of it, so that he before thee may know wisdom. Silence is of great profit. An abundance of speech profiteth nothing. Thoth .

1) Don’t repeat elaborate/complicated/extravagant speech . This does nothing for anyone or anything . This comes from the claimer that , knows all topics/floods the mind/unfocuses the mind/attention craver/spiritual ego , this lowers ascension or holds it trapped in a circle . Do not feed him . Don’t even listen to it . This is the rambling of an unbalanced soul . Since Thoth had mastered balance , he is stating that ‘ one not in equillibrium ‘ , as a source , this could be as extreme as subconsciously , even spiritually insane i will phrase it .
2) Do not repeat their words as this will give energy to them and feed their rambling and ego . Start to subtract the manifestation , not add to it . By not repeating , you make them have second thoughts in what they are acting . They will gain wisdom …. from the silence . Onlookers if present will also .
3) Silence can be rich ” silence is golden ” . Rich in knowledge/gain as well . Silence to defeat one with motives also .
4) An abundance of speech .. too many topics , no focussing , scattered thought , misdirected topics of umimportance or relevance . This is called poor . Empty .
If you look at one tiny example of this ( in our times ) such as T.V. and radio , the media monster (not just everything from invividuals , but up to governments and corps with advertising , doing it) , hmmmm Thoth knew everything ….. Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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