Perspective ~~~ Context . by dave .

Alex-Grey-Psychedelic-Painting-Art-Gallery-GaiaOne can look at the planet as it may be portrayed by the media machine , television , newspapers , radio , statistics , corporations , authority , governments , graphs , charts , surveys , some ares of the internet , which alot of that is controlled by forces i wont even get into . It is not nature that gives us sicknesses and dis-eases , it is ourselves that subconsciously let this flood of negativity and pointing the finger outward always for example at massive world issues that none of us can fix , self created non existing internal monster called stress . Lose or shatter the inward focus of the self and the individual , which is the one and the everything .

One could do the complete opposite as well , its the choice anyone can make . Tune out those frequencies and noises . If all focussed inward , found the self , discovered the light , realized the mirror , all the above would disappear . Go back to ancient ways of ONEness , harmony , nature , unity , love . Religion of the ONE in all and outside of ALL . Partaking in the One , manifesting the ONE , experiencing the ONE . Receiver and Transmitter of the ONE . Multi-universal web . As above , so below . No divisions , separations , titles , classes , egogreed , etc as we know them today …..

I believe we need to now connect with the thoughts inside that resonate with you , let them speak , its the heart/soul tapping you on the shoulder while the troublemaker mind always convinces he’s running the show on autopilot for you , not to worry about a thing . I challenge myself and all to turn off autopilot and take back the controls of awareness and mindfulness and presentness . Give no energy thought to negativeness , fill your thoughts with its opposite . We feed the negativity , manifesting it by thought of it and speech . Its almost into the subconscious of mankind , its ‘ unknowing mass manifesting ‘ i will call it . We talk of manifesting positive , be aware and careful as all things have an opposite .

Hemes Trismegistus wrote :  “The wise man lets his heart overflow but keeps silent his mouth” ….  so we first get connected to the heart so we can speak and be the true self , soul , light .. the sun . Keep silent the mouth , the brain . Reflect the One says Hermes . Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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