Example In 7 . by dave .

microcosm_macrocosmi have to write this out , about trying to focus more , myself … its dam hard to organize things and have them nicely and pleasantly clear when they exit . Its always my goal but , theres a good goaltender .

So i was trying to bring up the thought , which i am striving for , completeness , simplicity , one , in everything …. syncretism , being all lead to a same result as i believe ‘opinioned’ interpretation serves no use anymore . I have changed into this way of thinking that believes everything is us singularly and combined . Also from the tiniest particle , to the largest multi-universes and beyond , as it never ends , this chain that some and science calls holographic universe etc . There are no differances in any of us and in any ‘gods’ any look up to , as they all point to the self and inward , one etc . Except for one , its the only one invented to brainwash , control and enslave , and strictly points outward , to create that mass mindset , lose the self blah blah thats enough of .

History , art , music , cultures , religion , etc all through time have done nothing but TALK ‘one’ . So have people . This is the time i have discovered to actually define it and apply it correctly , but only 100% , not a piece , or part , or section of ‘one’ . This is called full ascension i believe . Its what the ancients talk of , from the days of harmony and living hand in hand with nature . We didnt worship gods and idols , we watched our solar system and derived all sciences etc and harmony from the harmony above us and applied it on earth . We studied the material body and also the soul , by studying the stars . We live in a world now that actually believes you can only fix or mend with money , wow its horrifying when one has studied the past .

I am to base my truth and knowledge from truth and knowledge , that resonate unity 100% , no interpretations of it . This is me only and my progress i call it , i have to close off any old ways or taught or presumed ways of thinking , they are wrong , as that is not me . All my perceptions now must be based from one source , one open minded openly accepted to the self , source , that resonates . Not questions (which for decades arise in every source i tryed to self analyze and the ones i tryed to actually study from the few in my past ) . Think and reason with what resonates or “makes sense ” , call it what you may . The one source that all was written from is the study of the stars , mankinds obsession . From the ancients we are disconnected from , to the modern times . Gods are planets , characters are planets , tales are of planets in allegory , planets represent chakra’s  etc . Two controlling forces for all , magnetism and electricity .

An Example of many … We have always had the 7 visible planets …….  ( taken from wiki , in brackets …In antiquity the classical planets were the seven non-fixed objects visible in the sky. The classical planets were, therefore, the Sun and Moon and the five planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The name planet comes from the Greek term πλανήτης, planētēs, meaning “wanderer”, as ancient astronomers noted how certain lights moved across the sky with the other stars. They called these objects asteres planetai, or wandering stars. Together they form the seven classical planets or 7 planets of the ancients,[1] as well as the names of the seven days of the week – Sun-day, Moon-day, Saturn-day, and in Latin, ‘Martis’ (Mars, Tuesday), ‘Mercurii’ (Wednesday), ‘Iovis’ (Jupiter, Thursday) and ‘Veneris’ (Venus, Friday ) ……… and the 12 astrological signs known forever to the ancient geniuses long before anything else , These studies formed for things such as agriculture , and human cycles and earths cycles , nature and harmony and oneness in all things etc . Not a gregorian 12 month pay schedule calender . 7 planets , days of the week , the primary colors , the chakra’s and bodies , 7 note scale , the bodies 7 glands (ascension) , seven dwarfs , 7 in the bible , 7 in hindu  on and on you name it and the list goes on , all can be sourced back to the first known seven . Was unity in the “7” writings from the sky, then firstly was thoth/hermetic 7 principles on earth from 40 000 years ago BC , then came 1000’s of versions etc turned into division and separation in every way conceivable .

Study or Research the ancient texts , from the sky … As Above So Below they term it . Macro and Microcosm . Start from the source ,  high above the noise , the rest is natural and comes natural . Hermetic , Gnosis , Hermes Trismegistus , Thoth , Holy Science , Holy Wisdom , all those terms will find incredible info and wisdom .

Our heritage is called consciousness , the field …. and our future needs to be consciousness again , right now . Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .




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