Intro to artist/sculptor Walter Russell’s incredibly aware self taught writings , all from sitting alone with nature . …

WALTER RUSSELL WalterRussell1 11_FDR_bust 19-wr-the-horseman05-837x1024Taken from the work of self taught consciousness/universal genius of modern times , Walter Russell . I highly recommend his incredible enlightenment work .
Page 2 from his writing “Message of the Divine Iliad” :

Mankind has reached that stage of his unfolding where he must either learn the facts of inexorable universal law and practice them, or perish by his own hand. He will die by the sword he slays with unless his entire human relations are reversed from the taking principle to Nature’s principle of balanced giving for regiving.

Man’s scientific skills have made it possible for him to slay his entire race. A continuation of the old barbarian practice of taking, which has bred his many wars of hatred and aggression, will inevitably lead to a war of extinction unless Nature’s love principle of giving replaces it.

Today the world is divided. Disunity marks all human relations–from industry to religion–from capital to labor. Two opposing world ideologies–democracy and communism–stand like insurmountable precipices to debar world unity. Freedom itself is not two centuries old.

Slavery was existent in our own country within the memory of living men. Through ignorance and superstition, America’s colonial intellectuals burned old women at the stake as itches. Mighty empires are still attempting to build themselves into greater empires by the sword.

Man is at the crossroads of his unfolding. The old way of life which built his empires of hate and fear must be abandoned. This coming age must be built upon God’s one law of balanced interchange in all human relations. There is no other alternative. To continue the old way means the destruction of
civilization by multiplied hate. To follow the new path will mean the multiplication of love which alone will bring peace, happiness and prosperity to man.


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