The Astro Chemico Physiological Chromatic , Wheel . For health . by dave .

An introduction to the chart / using it to find the 3 cell salts ( tissue minerals ) you lack from birth , that affect your life , look at the symptoms or ” flaws/problems ” that we each have according to your sign , and be aware of this to study your health yourself . Yes Deep research and study triggered thanks to Brother Santos of course . Always grateful .

…. edited : I have made a 15 minute video on ‘An intro to cell salts’ and show and teach how to use the chart , heres the youtube link if interested , enjoy .




This chart shows us the 12 zodiacal signs around the outside . The human form in the center of the wheel shows how each zodiac sign , around the outside , points to sections or areas of the body . The zodiac  runs through the body starting with Aries ( 9 o’clock )  being the head and down to Pisces , being the feet .

I will use gemini sign for example … So a gemini , such as myself , we see is at 7 o’clock on the wheel . Firstly , we all lack our ” birth ” salt . Then we all lack the next 2 salts , counter-clockwise on the wheel . The reason is as your were in gestation for 9 of the 12 months , you received 9 of the 12 salts . We all lack our birth salt and the next two sign salts . So the gemini salt is Kali Mur . As we look at gemini and the flaw traits we could call them , it is all bronchial when it comes to gemini , yes thats me since a child with those issues . Your birth sign determines your health issues , try it with the chart on as many people as you like , to see . Theres no getting away from it … all medicine is simply 12 cell salts and a healthy lifestyle and organic food and real , fresh water . Never never any flouride into the body . Never . Flouride creates unawareness as it calcifies the pineal gland . Keeps awareness and any ascension , under control .

Contact me if you would like some introduction to the salts via a few links i like to hand out , you can get up to speed on the cell salts in merely hrs . Cange your health for life . Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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