The Ultimate in Natural , Self Health . Mind Body Spirit . Put the faith of healing back into the proper hands , the self . by dave .


The human body is a part of nature , a slice of the cosmos . Nature and our cosmos have no disharmony . They have resolved this , to exist and continue , through balance of opposites . The cosmos performs the most perfect elaborate dance of balance , equilibrium , beauty . Nature , mirrors this dance from above . Human bodies mirror this dance from above .

There are times when you hear a topic , and it resonates with you powerfully . It sticks , we will call it . One such topic i was introduced too by accident , as a short sub topic came up in a lecture i was watching , but it intrigued me strongly . Immediately i begin my research into this area know as Cell Salts ( Tissue Minerals ) . These 12 natural inorganic minerals are the composition of all cells in all living things .  Please i would love to offer , to research yourself this topic . Dr Schuessler in 1860’s i believe it was , started  publishing his work on this topic but this medicine practice goes back 100’s of years , i have heard 800 . This is the simplest form of medicine and ” the kindest form to the human body ” . No biochemists to date with this new modern equipment etc have found any flaws in his work .

There are 12 natural remedies to every ailment , sickness and disease , physically , mentally , emotionally , spiritually . Remember man himself creates all this , not nature . We create it from what they give us , food , lifestyles , diets , addictions , etc . We then pay them to ‘fix’ us with a ” treatment ” they like to say , never a ” cure ” . So i studied deeply into this area and became an instant user of them myself and started handing out the word about 5 months ago now . There is nothing you can do/try for yourself , that is any better . Except of course the big one … NO Flouride !!!! Flouride kills pineal/ascension and awareness , please research also . Back to the topic of cell salts as they are commonly called there is a company called Hyland’s , that make a brand named BIO-X11 , this is all 12 natural inorganic minerals in one homeo prepared lactose tab form .

As an intro to the cell salts then they re-correct with a trace amount , the 12 inorganic minerals in all cells in the human body so that all cells may then perform again 100% their natural functions and therefore then the body naturally begins to self heal . If for example a cell lacks a mineral , it cant receive then that mineral from foods and supplements . Naturally cells lose abilities/die …  this recorrects and rebalances to restore cells/flush toxins . This happens , on the smallest level , cellular .

Modern medicine “attempts” to “mimic” what these minerals do , with harmful synthetic poisons etc .  Treatments with side effects , as they force the human body to do unnatural things . I have cross referenced peoples prescriptions to break them down along with the same info they give their doctor and its always a natural mineral they lack , and magically , the poison synth prescription drug is always a version of that same mineral . This false complication of things in this corporate , milking , greed , controlled world we live in , even down to our health , knowingly using us as a money conduit branching in every direction . The human used to represent the tree of life , not the money tree . We need to desperately go back to the mindset that … Everything is simple . Competition in corporations , worsen false complication , to profit .

Here are 2 sites with a backround and intro to cell salts for you :


In 5 months i have turned approx 40 people onto this ancient medicine . I have taken people off meds carefully and intelligently with common sense . For example one friend was on high blood pressure meds . Her rate was in the 160’s . We used an in-home pressure monitor ( for any doctor to just slap one of these on an arm and take a reading is ridiculous and they know it ) , there is no rocket science or genius to know that any mind races in a doctors office , the bp meter is the greatest way to trick people in my opinion . Have you ever heard one doctor say this like i do : ” ok i want you to think the word calm on every breath intake as you will then pull in that thought , not on exhale , push the thought away . Clear your mind as best you can and relax and close your eyes for 2 minutes and i quietly leave and then come back and take their reading ” Have them in the same state and mindset everytime . I explain how i can take a calm reading and then i can flood my mind with stress and watch the reading fly . Reading taken at same time of day under same circumstances , and awareness of the calm mind state for this . Anyways , we weined her off the harmful meds now for 2 months  , her BP is now in the 120’s , just on cell salts now . She presented my idea to a second doctor who likes alternative methods , and we received a ” great idea ” from her and so we went for it . I have a friend also who is on a different type of high BP med i am working on and i am also working on an idea for a friend of hers who has a lack of collagen issue . I take everything the doctors tell them and take their med names and find the substances in them and cross reference etc to the cell salts , also using ones zodiac sign to calculate my cross referencing , and always finding that there is merely a lack in a cell salt from birth .

Dave Emm . Look In Not Out . Please feel free to contact me on this topic , i do not work for any of these companies or sell anything , strictly spreading the word on safe natural health . Thanks .


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