Return the self to one continent , no division , reflect that to the earth body . by dave .


We are steered and involuntarily/unknowingly persuaded by a modern man material world of possessions and objects and status . Where we let our form and egobrain troublemaker mind , call the shots . Becoming THE habit of all the habits/patterns/traits combined , in the subconscious mind . We then allow this programmed sub mind to run our daily lives up to as high as 90% research claims , leaving us 10% for then , conscious thinking . Hmmm , you seeing this issue here ? If the habits/patterns/Programs are based of status/ego/greed/deceit/motives , overall … negativity creates a mindset way of thinking/going about daily routines etc . That then is where the problems lie to everything . This is the root of all issues on this planet . Incorrect patterns/habits/traits . Incorrect programming of the subconscious .

To take the sliver of conscious mind that we use to make quick silly decisions on topics of huge proportion , is a cop out to merely make the self feel better , ego greed etc . Which then writes the programs . If each and every person worked on the self to reprogram these patterns we run off , into harmony , balance , mindfulness , aware , present , wisdom , oneness , etc , state , and then if we all ran off those habits/patterns/traits , perfect .

I believe that man in ancient times the mind , heart , soul , were one . In harmony , in the self , inward . This was a reflection of the universe and nature , pure . Harmony synchronicity balance perfected , which is the As Above So Below . Over time the human started division/separation in the self/mind and then projected this outward on earth . The root . Disconnection from the self , spirit , soul , consciousness . All the things in the media are an extension of the self , a reflection , the mirror . As the ancient people were harmonious inward , as was the outward , as is the above . As the modern man is disharmonious inward , as will be the outward . ‘Mankind’ was a word that represented ONE . Mankind has changed this word unfortunately to Manykind , its a shame for this extreme division and separation . A disharmonious body becomes ill and diseased , We humans and all living things are the cells of the body earth , if we are then disharmonious , the body(earth) is diseased , which it is heavily we all know and can clearly see . News and television and media should not be used as entertainment as it is what writes your subconscious .  Whether you choose to believe it or not … you become/help to manifest/feed these negative topics  . The type of topics you watch or pay attention to , discuss in circles of friends and family etc .These forms labeled as ‘entertainment’  which should be really labeled ‘referencing’ should be used only as a way to see where the mindest of the planet is being led etc .

Dont let your environment and surroundings , or your ears and your eyes ,  write your programs . Which Dr Bruce Lipton claims happens to us by the time we are 6 years old these patterns are written . Always check your thoughts by being mindful and aware and present . Dont base your thoughts , answers , conversions on habit thinking . Asleep/dead . Base them on aware and present thinking and mindset , this means write your own habits and patterns . Aware/alive . Listen to the heart or whatever you term it , instinct/intuition/gut feeling , as long as it is from below the shoulders . The time has long come for Mankind to go inward and study the self individually and heavily repair the internal division that we have been forced into . Make the soul and the vessel act as one again , to bring back As Within , So Without , realign As Above So Below as in the ancient harmonious times . We scratch lines in the dirt with a stick and have wars over , where these lines are scratched . Lines have been scratched inward as well . They need to be erased to make the body one continent again . Then one planet , then one cosmos . A writing from the past blends this all together : .

Its interesting to study your own thoughts and actions . As you do , you instantly see that your thoughts and actions are not based on YOUR doing . This is where you start to be mindful and present . Awareness starts here , not externally , but internal awareness . Realizing that you yourself did not make a decision based on thinking but on habit . The more you see this , the more these habits and patterns of ways , then become erased and re-written for you , by you . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm . Hope someone enjoys this , thanks .





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