Look In Not Out . by dave .

lake 3 blocks from my house ...

lake 3 blocks from my house …

As we look back in history , its easy to see the results of pointing fingers and blame outward . Separate and divide everything to every possible extreme way on this planet . Being raised and taught in these materialistic modern times , to never look inward in the self , never take blame or responsibilities for actions or words etc , always finding an excuse to make the self feel better , justify , basically shrug the shoulders , and continue on . This is getting more and more heartless . Disconnect more each day from unity , harmony , oneness , nature , the cosmos , mankind spiraling downward deeper . Living in a fake dream world of plastic and metal objects and flashy lights . Go spend a bit of money to cheer the self up ? Fake smiles , pretending to be happy in dept up to the ears …. a life of “payments” and “interest” and “insurance” to cover all angles , panicing inside daily and trying to mask it over with fake smiles . Stress and worry created by this nonsense life and media and news and world issues , keeps the bodies cells in a disharmonious state , self-causing dis-eases and illnesses , as a result of the perception of the environment you let be created to become your “reality” .

As the self is a mirror as is everything else , this disharmonious inner disturbance is then reflected to the larger earth body , reflecting dis-ease and illness across the planet . This thread in us that weaves mankind and his planet and cosmos together , cannot be stretched to breaking point as the state it is presently sitting in for too much longer .

Everything is simple and corporate mankind complicates to profit . Period . Your body is comprised of cells that form this vessel you are housed in … these vessels are the cells that form this planet body you are on … these planets bodies are the cells that form this galaxy we spin in … these galaxies are the cells that form the universal body( there is a reason this word starts with uni)… these universal bodies are the cells that form the multi-universal body … it just keeps going … as above so below . Everything starts from one and combines to one .

We need to look in not out . The answers , wisdom , solutions are within . What was once an eternal flame in mankind is a spark in modern times , an ember glowing . It needs to be fed , til it becomes once again , blinding white light , the sun . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm


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