Micro/Macrocosm . by dave .

microcosm_macrocosmWhen you look up to the sky at night at the stars , unknowingly you are looking through a microscope , your eyes . You are seeing trillions of HUGE cells with the naked eye . They form a UNIverse . The same as when you peer into a microscope at any living substance , you see the separated cells . Between the sky and your form , this  differs only in that the cell sizes and distances between them are merely larger or smaller . Two sides of a scale . If we could relate something to proportion , in the way our size is , compared to the size of the universe . Something in the same proportion ratio looking up at us would see a human the same as a universe , separate cells , combining but never seeing the whole combined . While something on a way more massive scale than the size of a universe would look down at a universe as a solid object . Everything is singular , everything is all . Micro/Macrocosm . As above so below . Mirrors . Scales . Opposites . Similars . ONE . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm .

We can look at things from angles or with certain perspective directions , that simplify , not complicate . By thinking with reason and logic and awareness . Not by taught/programmed ways and habits and acquired patterns . That is all from exterior , not the self or from the self .

Perception context proportion .




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