The great modern , internal deluge … by dave .

I like to try to come up with fresh thoughts/ideas/directions sometimes , different ways to look at things , rather than getting stuck on what others are speaking etc . This is one .

… the rain came down in ancient times , flooding the lands , the bodies  …. i like to make a comparison to modern times today by merely changing a few words in the tales . We are entering a time of information flooding . This can be compared to one of the stories from the past . Whether it be Thoth the atlantean or Noah . There once was a great flood that was told , it described water rising . In these two tales were written … collect 2 of everything/collect your people . You may take it all literal if you choose , i choose not to . If these tales were written in allegory and symbolism ….  ,  there is more than just their words written , behind this . Is a warning .

Collect 2 of everything …. this equals the mind in todays times . Bombarded in a torrential monsoon of info and opinions , ego’s , memory flooded , saturated with tiny snipits of sections of topics , repeating pieces memorized , blanks filled in on the fly , subconscious habits/patterns/traits/ways/thinking absorbed externally instead of built from internal . Collect 2 of everything is the same as not concentrating on anything or likened to , focusing externally . Its a likeness to todays mind , fragmented and scattered , unfocussed . Detached from the internal .

Do not let your landmass become saturated like a sponge , and submerged from the external  pourng/flooding  . You may choose to be the sponge and accept this torrent , or you may wear the raincoat to keep the torrent out and have your landmass usable and accessible . To not become soaked with a ‘ bit of everything ‘ . Dont be the growing puddle collecting water . Severe flood warnings in UK :  Torrential RainStay dry of the external deluge and maintain internal focus . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm .


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