Egypt , Karnak Temple .. The Temple In Man . R A Schwaller de Lubicz . by dave .

Luxor Temple Plan - Schwaller de Lubicz - Books of Foundationluxortempleofmancopy69mlpl2luxor_temple

R A Schwaller de Lubicz wrote : The Temple In Man – Sacred Architecture and The Perfect Man . He pretty much lived in the Temple for 15 years doing his research . These egyptian structures were teachers themselves . You didn’t go there to learn from anyone , the temple itself was the teacher to any initiate . You went there to be in perfect harmony with the temple , which is exactly the human form and all systems inside , which is then in turn exactly the sky above as well , the zodiac , the planets . Its is the perfect map or blueprint , as above so below ….. on the ground . Inner reflection . Of course in exact proportion and harmony and balance , straight up the center of all duals  , all scales perfectly balanced and even . Perfection . I recommend his extensive mind blowing research/work to all .

John Anthony West is the leader in this field and continues Schwaller’s research , as he calls himself ‘ a rouge Egyptologist ‘ , against the quakademic egyptologists . He has an incredible 9 hour series called Magical Egypt and his book Serpent in the Sky is a must .


Since a child i have wanted to visit Egypt . Never really understanding why or what the draw , internally , to that region was . The pyramids and the sphinx i thought were my reasons . Now some decades later i discover what egypt is TRULY all about . All its great mysteries , hidden wisdoms , its consciousness , its connection to the sky , and so on …. mystical and magical . Egypt doesn’t really have an era where it went through ‘learning’ stages . Their wisdoms and technologies sort of dropped into place where it resides today . Passed on , acquired . A people soooo connected to the holy sciences and the universe . The possibilities were endless . They possessed all the true innate qualities of the universe and nature , the knowledge from the Sun , the Light  , early harmonized syncretic man .

The Karnak Temple Complex is located near Luxor, south of Cairo, Egypt. It is visited more than any other historical area in the world, after the Giza Pyramids, and it is the largest ancient religious preservation in the world.


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