Santos Bonacci , Mr Astrotheology , Syncretism King ….. ALL is united , ONE . by dave .

great Santos pic i like .a5e80e5c820c0ea48bb00528f4528096


An introduction to the man i highly respect and am extremely grateful he is with us on this planet in these accelerating times … he holds his torch of truth high and mighty , over 30 years of studies and research into his work , has he …. ties everything together in the ancient wisdoms and holy sciences . He knows maybe 10 languages or so , the incredible ancient books he has studied , absolutely incredible vast amount of knowledge put together and sorted out to make sense . Santos Bonacci , the master of the true meaning of the symbolic allegorically veiled sciences in the bible ….. give this genius a bit of your time and check into his work ….. you will not find anyone else who has put soooo much of the past and history together properly . Santos Bonacci clears the smoke and the backround noise like no one else can or does . When you listen to the wisdoms coming from Santos , he is like the sky , the sun , consciousness , speaking to us . Wonderful , glorious , genius . This man will steer your mindset to the proper direction with balance and harmony , intuition , resonation , in order to look at things correctly and openly , with logic . He will give you cards to hold forever . All his work resonates with any like-minded soul who finds him . Be his mirror . Its the best one you could possibly stand in front of . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm .

A 6 minute audio clip from one of Santos’ radio talks , have a listen :

Santos Bonacci website for his video’s and work : .

Santos Syncrota wheel , an example of his work and dedication , the chart of all charts . Can be ordered here : .

Heres a low res of the wheel :





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