Awareness Begins ….. by dave .

First step where awareness should start :

indexRealize your purpose and use in their eyes , a piece on a game board , their game . The TV and media programming . Get that negative garbage out of the mind . It merely fills/floods/crowds/takes up space in the mind as a way to fill the ram(head/aries/memory) . As a computer ram is filled there is no more space for thinking/sorting/analyzing etc , only the tasks can be achieved that rest in it . This keeps one in a box , the mind(ment) boxxed up . How can one free think and step out of the box in this unknowing condition or state . If you take in all they serve up , you are subconsciously mass manifesting their negative issues , i call it . While if this mess they serve up sits in the conscious mind then you manifest by discussing these topics with friends family and co-workers . Realize that you and we , are the problem . Look In Not Out . Dave Emm . Remember , manifestation we all preach , well it can work against us also . It is not only used for when you want something , it is always there and lingering around , careful how you unknowingly use it or steer it . Be Aware/Awake/Mindful/Present . Inner Awareness .


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