Feeding Division , Rabies …. by dave .

…. complication of things add to the division and separation of all externally on the planet and subtracts unity and harmony . Divide each other up in a lateral way for example using/feeding an ego by feeling more clever than another . It gets no where at the end of the day to the self in front of the mirror doesn’t it ? This modern times mankind mindset of division is rampant like rabies now . We seem for example happy to find a new , more scientific topic/or something that complicates consciousness to make others go awwwwe woooowww . For ? Repeat pieces of it and hope for no questions , lol . This is getting horrible . Everyone wants to be a surface/material genius i will call it and knows nothing when standing alone . I believe that many are geniuses if not all that can repeat consciousness uniquely in their own way , but still resonate the source or the MIRROR , to the listener or , reflector as well . As many illuminated ones have in the past as well as now in this shift .

….. simplitying of things and studying sources in the eras before any division , topics and sources that resonate with the heart , soul , spirit , intuition , one , etc first reduces division and can only and does only do one thing , bring together , snowball unity and harmony . All the modern science we need to get by is in ancient wisdom which is the original science , truthful science . Any new science , maybe aside from research into consciousness/awareness/wakefulness which is ALL that leads to one SOURCE , merely feeds the corporations or thinkers that complicate/divide/profit . Consciousness never held its hand out ever to anyone , to collect , or has it ever passed a collection plate around  , asking for return . Its in you . Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .astronomy7


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