From My Heart . by dave .

I just want to say thanks so much to anyone who has viewed and read any of my small writings . It really means alot to me to see this happening . Being a Gemini and a heavy out-of-the-box thinker right out of the womb , most of my life is spent in thought , not always because i choose this lol , i must perform my zodiacal duties and think think think ! So i am very new to amateur writing and find it challenging to get my thoughts into arranged words , but its starting to work as i keep practicing . Rarely in the past i had anyone to share my thoughts with , and now i can let them out on here . Any “like” i receive on a post and it shows someone can relate to the thought , thanks so much for that .  I am only writing my thoughts or experiences , they may echo others in this conscious torch bearing truth movement , which you see and hear the echoes now more and more everywhere . i try to make sense of things and arrange and simplify them , un-divide things and make and find similars . I am just offering my small torch/light/sun to anyone who needs their glowing ember brighter . Or to pass any tiny trigger of thought that can help in any positive way . To any fellow being on this planet . Thanks Again ALL of you ! You are all beautiful (be-you-til-full) ! Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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