Clearing up Division . by dave


Funny how , many things on this planet focus on differences and divide and separate as a result from it . We divide from skin color , then we make words for these groups of people , then we make words for the people that do it . Thats one example and doesn’t that seem like alot of effort and energy in a ridiculous direction ? We actually scratch a line in the soil with a stick on planet earth and tell the people on the other side to keep away . We wage war over this with them and kill over that lines location . Now lets get into this more ….. We divide for what price range your vehicle is in , what brands of clothes we wear , your “religious” preferences , if you wear tight jeans or loose jeans , ford or chev , make up or no make up , we divide people for their haircuts , punk , hippie , short hair , select a cute pic from a picture book and tell them thats the haircut we want . Myself i choose to let my hair grow as that is what it does and i am natural and thats how i state it simply , but boyyyyy what i go through lol . Its all good as i know whats wrong with the human mind which is why i never use rude terms such as sheople etc as people dont even realize how they think . An unknowing “molding” and programming has taken place .

So the root of this being that everything we are taught points fingers and divides and separates and categorizes and boxxes and labels everyone and everything ., then it grows into being done to make oneself “feel” better ? This all becomes the mindset and then forms the subconscious habits patterns and traits without even realizing it , that we run off . Its time to bust out and dust off the mirrors , have a good stand infront of one . Let things be as they are and as others are and embrace and unify . Take all this horrible effort placed into division and shift it to unity and find similars , reprogram over time the subconscious and be the new ONE mindset !

……. and we all say , ” to each his own” … hmmmmm right . Stick to that phrase and not the dividing . We all must practice what you preach . Dave Emm . Look In Not Out .


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