” Stick to your guns ” … ” Practice what you preach ” by Dave .

” Stick to your guns ”
” Practice what you preach “sometimes-people-need-to-take-their-own-advice-practice-what-you-preach-quote-1

These 2 phrases i came flying into 2014 with , for myself …
The thought behind the phrase is simple , as is everything . If we can give another person great advice , help them with/through an issue , make them feel better/uplift , etc then why cant we to the self when needed , and we let spiral down , then WE need to hear it from another ? This is another part of the whole ” always go outside for guidance and authority etc ” , and things like ” the box ” …. lol going outside the box usually generates money somewhere correct ? I could go on . On one foot we turn and point the finger ( blaming , judging , criticizing , stereotyping ) on the other foot we hold our hand up to our ear and listen ( to authority , guidance , advice , government ) . At that point ( conditioned mindset ) then yes it seems a task to advise the self .
So the phrases , if we all practiced what we preach , hmmmm , many many issues then gone in the self and the planet . This year i try to focus on that , be aware of it in self . Whats good or helpful or positive to say to someone else is good to be said and heard/applied to the self , stick to your guns . Be whole . By not practicing what you preach is , not being true to the self , the start .
Everything in the human body is self repairing , skin , bone , ligaments , tendons , muscle , let the mind repair the mind when needed …. Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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