Knowing that Awareness begins in The Self . by Dave .

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We can trust ourselves to steer a vehicle down a road with paying minimal attention as we do it , by habit yet we cannot get our own lives heading down the right road fully , on our own . We can travel down many roadways and study and research topics and interests in this age of information . It can be compared to the grandest circus where we walk around in awe and amazed at what the eyes take in . Knowledge is abundant and flashy . Attention and focus always heaved to and fro . Flooded .

We can copy and paste and share things over and over for years , but its only that . Its no longer doing enough , doing this . To step back or aside from the Self and become an observer as we do towards others can be quite revealing . Its time to stop everything and firstly ask why and secondly begin the most complex study of all The Self . The times of collecting random puzzle pieces on the exterior , when each person already has inside , the disassembled puzzle  they need . All this trust we place outside of ourselves in all this info and the vids we see and study , should be turned inward and used to listen …. and feel . Re-know this extinguished sense . Do we see how we are made to go outside the self for all things in daily life / I hope so . .

We need to look at our language and how it is used as it is seeming to be turning against us , the words we use , the ones we know have certain effects on others as well as ourselves , they become prybars and buttons to emotions and feelings , both positive and negative ,  not conversations . Games . Words are picked from sentences and seen as symbols or representing something , beyond a definition , they hold snapshots attached to them . The responses in communication in conversation are reactions to these images we carry attached to a word . Subconscious conversations , not present . The alphabet are symbols , so now are words .

Changes cant be made or even be seen as needed in the self , with the existing mindset and these taught perceptions . New perceptions are needed .

Drowning and churning in a torrent of vast waters barely surviving from the air bubbles on the surface of the crushing waves . Too many topics with no value or gain  from an applicable point of view . No life preservers . Man overboard . Lost at sea . Saturated .

Its well past the time to calm the seas . Calm the waters . You cant navigate a sea(mind) when in a torrent . A sea is a body , a body of land , a body of sand , the sky is a body ,  the human body , the brain is a body , each organ , etc . All are either huge or tiny depending if the perspective is from above or below that body . Or larger or smaller than it . Everything is microscopic and everything at the same time is massive . Something microscopic on the human body would only see that body as a massive universe and nothing more outside of it perhaps for example .

Don’t stay under the Light from the torches of others , light your own torch from theirs and begin to fuel it , hold the light high . Yours .

Study The Self , it leads to meaningful change , you are the student and the teacher . Look In Not Out .


3 thoughts on “Knowing that Awareness begins in The Self . by Dave .

  1. Hi Dave, thank you for your site, I got here via watching Santos Bonacci and wanting to know about the natural salts the body needs. Your words are very poetical and spin like webs of thought. My son is a Gemini too and he verbalises everything but hides his emotions away. I’m grateful to be awakening at this wonderful time in our history and I’m finding sungazing, affirmations and meditation most helpful. I believe I am being guided from site to site, video to video and now I’m left knowing I need to connect now with my higher self to move further on/ up! I’ve found a simple peace within myself that I never knew was there and now the ego mind is not so noisy. Love and light to you in your continued travels, my brother 🙂

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