Mirror mirror . by Dave .

d1da0e685232500c4f55dd0ecd93eb91Is there anyone on this planet that looks “funny” to you or “doesn’t look right ” ?

Why ? To you .

Do you not see another human that can smile the same as you ? Or frown .

Does one come out of a womb laughing at the way another looks ? Hmm .

Then why do we do this ? Good at being the first to mention when one does this in a conversation , but the worst at being the one to catching the self doing it .

I only ask the planet what i ask in myself . Then try to notice it and correct it to eliminate . Being present always and not by habit . Did i naturally form the habit of separating humans to levels as ridiculous as by tight or loose jeans alone for the lowest example ?

The most intense study one could ever do and ALL should do is the SELF . Taught and programmed to always point or go outside of the self from birth for everything .

When pointing a finger at someone the next time , i ask you place a mirror where they are , now we are pointing at the correct one ……


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