The Journey to follow the morning Sun . by Dave .

The waters rose higher and higher , visions of water breaking through valleys and around corners of outcrops of rocks heading towards us , climbing ever higher , the faces , the fear they held . Screams in panic and from the surreal realization of it all . The sound of the force of water , like thunder . The swirling and torrents being formed . Now scrambling to the top going past everyone , no time left to help my people . The vision of an arm sticking out of the water and a hand clinging to a rock , over and over as we raced to beat it and the same fate that we witnessed everywhere around us . Instinct kicks in and it feels selfish but there is no time to help anyone now . The mountain peaks i can see around me which were once spawned from land are now protruding randomly from water here and there …. at the top now , just a few of us , we look at each other in fear and cast off from the tip of the rock ………… eventually darkness falls and the new seas calm . We awake to our morning Sun on the horizon and see land ……. ” We are east ” i mutter .boat


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