Lies = Lies , Attract Lies , Compound Lies … Repels Truths . You are Lie-able for your participation . by Dave .

khafrepyramidWhen a lier tells a lie , anything else after that is another lie built upon it , no foundation formed and there is an end . When truth is spoken , anything after that,  builds upon the solid foundation and is endless potential . This is not about lieing , its about everything written that we obey and abide and is proper and is acceptable and matches the image on the flashcars , the white picket fence and cute green lawn . While we let ego and greed rule and materialism is crowned king ruler .

Look at your country , whats the word ? ” My country is going downhill slowly ” . ” Getting worse and worse ” . Hmm really , what is “your country” then ? Oh the politics that run it with the poster boy , ahh . So we’ll take a piece of earth , a slice of nature , a country , and judge it using the face that angers you as the weight on the scale , completely lose the beauty in it (your land) and its purpose , as ours .

Well do you see this leaders face hanging off trees and shrubs etc as leaves when you open your door and go outside ? Right , i only see a green magical forest with pure fresh air when i open my door . I suggest stop giving this wasted energy and thought and talk and repeating of everything we hate about this and that and get some re-balancing of the perspectives here . I’d think that this formed mindset created , that can even tell the masses WHAT they will be angered at and rant about mindlessly to waste manifestation and energy from far far more important things such as unity , back to nature , etc … destroying this division and separation mindset installed into the masses by the many corporate / authoritive ways they use . Stop “staying tuned as we return to your regular ‘scheduled’ programming” .

You cannot repair a problem by stripping off a few layers of lies and leaving millions of lairs of lies , then start again on top of this . A doomed frankenstein formula to fail and crumble and spiral downward over time . THE complete block of lies must be removed and the first sentence then must be wrote on truth , not a lie ….. interpret/apply as one may to the self in us all ? Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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