Only the self can lead the journey … the outward journey distance mirrors the depth of the inner journey travelled . by Dave .

inner_glow_by_letmargoAbout ascension … you cannot follow another , they can lead you to their way perhaps . Follow one who can point you inward , and how to find/listen within . The mastery for the self is inner listening . Outward perspective , only naturally corrects once this inner process is reached .  .

The material ear is for JUST that . Do not follow trend topics and attempt to be a surface genius , one who knows nothing about everything , no focus . Quality not quantity , two duals , that can possibly manifest 2 duals as well , one feeds the ego and one feeds the soul .

Practicing inward direction over and over eventually becomes the new habit , guided with resonation , intuition , instinct , heart , gut , trust , etc . Ask the self what needs to be researched or studied to begin thought in a sticky topic to you . No intent or motives for ego etc , strictly a pure true honest choice by you for you . Going inward for questions and thought , reasoning etc begins to show one the power and the unity of all things making this planet that is ruled of material division and separation all the more ridiculous if unknowingly viewed with a society built perspective . Take the rudder … Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .




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