Are you building awareness or following ? Only you know , Ask . by Dave .

At this point i ask the planet that title question but only in fairness because as with all things , i have first asked it myself .

When something is shared or liked or posted or writ is it for awareness to help another (as certain things may well have for you) , or is to be hip , trendy , popular , leading edge , first bringer , winner , etc etc .

Understanding anything is not hard , it is adapting in a moment , presentness , and building the perspective to create a straight line to that understanding that is the trick .

Now , if we take say a music band and they play the music they love  and are true to themselves they attract those that their sound appeals to for many possible reasons and some unknown as simply maybe they resonate with lyrics for example etc . Ok thats a pure chain . On the other hand we have the recording industry/society that takes musicians and molds them to target group audiences and produce cd’s for specific reasons , the band then no longer singing their pure song , but a song to be popular and hip and trendy , you see where i am going , but all in all just creating garbage in the industry over and over , no gain or forward movement or growth etc . Keep the songs pure from the self and watch the priorities . Share what worked or works for you , not what the hot topic is ….. Pull together and share gains , not dreams .

Are you singing your true bands song , or are you singing the industry/society’s song ? Lookinnotout .


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