Consciousness puzzle . by Dave .

… if you think you know consciousness you need to think again , is their a perspective complete for this within or a complete mindset for this within ? Hmmm right . Is their a puzzle image or flashcard memorized for this in the brain but … ohh pieces are gone . Is it enough to stare at the finished puzzle on the box front ? Do we not like a challenge and want to complete the puzzle ourselves and make our image of the box cover ?

Take a web …. spider web , internet web , consciousness web , etc . Spans or covers an area in a material realm/medium , electrical realm/medium , cosmic realm/medium . Now , the consciousness web we will call it is not visible but wait , its ok because neither is the internet web or even the spider web in certain light . The results of the webs can be seen though … hmm can the results from the consciousness web be seen , of course . Nature does not zig zag all over the place so , with webs they can be looked at as everything should be straight across the board , singular and unified , all the same  view/mindset/perspective . This destroys the taught division and separation mindset and perspective , in the subconscious of mankind …. his habits patterns traits unaware , lazy sleep mind . This consciousness web some call “the field” , perfect then it is a field of webs .

ALL options, results, variations, possibilities, factors, and so on exists in this field , everything negative and positive all duals , every ending to every story complete with 1000 endings to every story . THAT is THE mindset in one sentence i believe on how to perceive this field . So then now we see lanes in this field but only if we stay in the mindset , to see the positive lanes we want or need such as  , choices , options , manifestations , knowledge , healing and so on . Never the lanes of greed , ego , harm , selfishness , and so on .

The field is not for a material thought from the mind to try to connect to it , that chooses the wrong lanes we discussed . It is heart thought that can be practiced and learned to feel , that connects to the lanes you want and need , the pure lanes we will simply call them . … yes allegorically , simply …. make sure your train enters and leaves the switchyard on the correct tracks  … ha there secretly veiled allegorically in a train story . Lookinnotout .



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