Singular sixth sense . by Dave .

… we have 5 senses as taught , wait those are material . There is a 6th sense , everyone has and uses daily . It doesnt use dual instruments like the 5 material senses , 2 eyes , 2 ears , 2 nostrils … Its runs off of a more balanced instrument that can like all things from the source , have multiple names as 3rd eye , intuition , instinct , heartfelt , gut feeling and so on if you study through the religions and cultures .

The 5 material senses send 2 signals to a brain that auto-matically/pilotly builds an image , smell , sound …. it processes it into a singular . Well a shortcut and trick is to use the instrument that sends a singular balanced of all the duals impulse to the brain to start with …. step into harmony balance proportion as did the ancients aka nature Ntr . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .



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