The Art of Blurring Lines … . by Dave .


Take a society that has an authority chain above it . Convince various people they have an issue mentally and then give them poisons known as “treatments” , no cures . What do we say when we fix something to make it temporarily work , say on a car : I “Dr’d the muffler” to get us there . Hmmm . Dr means a temp fix , they “Jerry rigged” you at the Dr office to get you by ? To limp you down the highway to the next service station ?

Now lets look at the Insane Asylum and “Mental hospitals” shall we ? Oh wait where did they go ooops . I have watched every vid on youtube as a study that shows the conditions around the world in every country how these so called “institutes” operated inside , ran , and treated those within its confines . Rooms full of people laying on floors nude curled up in their own shit and piss flopping around and grunting . In early days , the public used to have tours for the rich pigs to look at these so called “people” . How many deformaties do you see in nature ? We have a 2 headed cow that was in a circus once , lets see what else ? Do you think that cow naturally was this way ? Of course not , the mother ate or got into something man made to cause this . Was it created to trick the masses into accepting deformaties as “natural ” ?

Its the most sickening , angering study i have done . The complete history of it , its methods and history of torture and basically brutalizing human beings . A man made toxic/poisonous society that breeds illnesses and diseases . Do you think its wise to sit in a toxic vehicle in sun with AC on ? Lol . Do you think its wise to drive vehicles that have asbestos in the brake pads that are in your front end , ummm in front of that window you have open ? Its time to open the eyes no ? Not keep closing them tighter with the hand out .

All the institutions around the world started closing in the 70’s because of money theft etc in the systems , people in high positions theiving . People suffering while pockets filled around the meeting tables etc . No more funding . So close they did and to the streets went the ‘patients’ all puffy faced and bloated from meds , with wild eyes . So now the blur begins . Whose crazy and who isn’t , what is crazy , what is acceptable , morels changed , priorities shifted , and so on ….. just one happy family now . In the u.s. alone , the prison systems were modified for this , and their jails now contain 50% of the ex-patients …… stay tuned .

I mean fuck , know anything about building materials for example ? Everything we build homes out of has a warning to wear a mask when you cut it or apply it , or in ventilated room only ….. then we put it in our homes . Did you know that house paint we use , it takes up to 6 months for all the harmful VOC’s to finally leach out , if you research it ? Is this on the label ? No , throw the baby back in the room after its dry , like it says on the label , 24 hrs right . Straight from the womb into toxicity and poison . Here , remember whenever it was ….. ” oh we will fixx the ozone by stopping to use hairsprays , its that which is causing it ” . Somewhere on every human born is tattooed ‘ dumbfuck’ in their eyes ? I didn’t get one hmm .
P.S. i have watched people around me get talked into believing they have an issue and then accept a med for it …
P.S. i have a failing mitral valve , it was supposed to fail and kill me within one year i was told . I threw the meds in the trash and walked out of the specialists office and told him to burn my records please and take me off all tests . That was 4.5 years ago now . How would you think of this system ? I have a healing system i use i designed for myself . Takes 2 min with heart thought , not material mind thought . If i materially smile at a deer 30 feet away he will stare at me nervously and wonder with his ears twitching . If i give him a smile with 6th sense , heart …. he continues eating without a worry and you can feel the return thought . Shit is so simple once you tune out of all the fakery and fuckery .

Lay down your own path , make it a straight line , dont make the line a circle as the masses have on Planet circle talk .
Step out of it , erase all assumptions and taught perceptions , be an outsider , view from above , not inside it as it is all well veiled . Do you have a mind and perceptions that are from you ? Or a rent to own mind with remote ? Step out of the orchestra you are trapped in under a faulty conductor . Get conducting your one man band .

Hey i was talking to a lady once who was ranting about being some proud christian (more than likely unaware that there are 35 000 registered denominations of this garbage) and out of no where she stated ” i hate jews ” , in a voice from the exorcist , her eyes were on fire like satan . Then her face went red lol . Anyways to my shock a few sentences down the public insane highway , she stated after the topic changed to nationalities … ” i am jewish ” along with 10 other backrounds lol . Mindblowing …. this is what is loose and walking on the streets in ” The Open Asylum ” . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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