BELIEF . by Dave .

…… belief/faith systems have a god right , wait but belief extends way past just a religion …. in everyday life it is full of beliefs , you simply believe/have faith in your , job , your parenting , your choices , your travel route , your diet , etc you see right down say to how you brush your teeth . So now then instead of pinning a ‘god’ of your choice from a bingo drum to the word belief , understand that in all your daily beliefs who is the god ? When we use the word belief in context to a religion we get to change the face from ours ? Umm no sorry that’s the distortion and  deterioration of the state of language ,wordplay,trickery/spelling/spells ….. as ancients did we shall keep one meaning or image per glyph/word and vice versa …… we will not take the 1000’s of various beliefs and systems that you are in control of daily and are the ruler of but relate the word only to one form of itself , belief in/of a religion ….. its ok , you deserve it . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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