Glyph Magic ver 1.0 . by Dave .

….. just a perspective

When you are listening to a person talking , each word in the sentences they say , what is the brain doing ? It is bringing up a flashcard in the brain for each key/topic/subject/object word in the sentence . As a person speaks we are busy building a quick lil slideshow in the mind to picture/imagine what they are talking about . See how for example ancients used say hieroglyphs to write a sentence , pictures as words and letters . Modern man has advanced and each has built their own glyphs in the mind they use , but for complete words now is the big advancement . We also now have installed in all of us an app called glyph magic so we can make instant glyphs on the fly before the word is even finished from the mouth of the other party . So if i say knife …… draw your glyph .
Dont think we do this … say something gross to someone and they will say what ? … eeeewww …. because they glyphed it we might as well say it

What though i see is that , you cannot be in the moment , present , aware , clear , while the mind is doing this , pre occupied ….. not great conversations at all , Heres the thing too , when a sentence is said , ohhhh boy i dont like my glyph that came up or i saw , with hearing this and that word ….. watch out glyph mismatch between parties … arguement follows etc etc yet no one knows why . Plus yes my glyphs can change even depending on my mood or add in intent or motive which the planet is rotten with .

So then each has glyphs influenced even by perception and mood , not standard glyphs as ancients , with solid meaning across the board ….. = failing communication between humans and a language that is insanely loose . Planet needs meds just to attempt communicating .

Ancient times a snake was a glyph , it meant what it meant …. today the snake glyph would have 1000 different variances(color/shape/etc) of a snake all with different meanings to fill in the jibber jabber words etc …… language became ridiculously complex as did everything else to confuse and flood = control . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .

government – a bunch of nice people that help us . or , what we are supposed to argue about daily , ummm no :
govern – rule own control  …. ment – the mind ….. fun eh .


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