Principles . by Dave .

…. just a quick thought wrote out , shared ….

There are only 2 things …. God and Devil , or Christ and Anti-Christ , etc ….. these are highest PRINCIPLES ….. they do not represent figures to worship nor fear . They morph and change through the religions and cultures as far as literal depiction/description and meaning but create iconic roots or glyphs for control and authority when allegorically they represent the two ‘main’ duals call them the names/titles of both dual categories .

Positive and negative , day and night(ex. day and anti-day) , good and bad , hot and cold , truth and lie , calm and storm , fire and ice , happy and sad …… gravity and anti-gravity , political and anti-political , social and anti-social , el and mag ….

What sits between them is called balance …. everything is a balance of all duals , chaos is a push and pull inside of each of the ruling duals in charge at the moment . A cycle of tipping scales out of control .

The “master” depicted as an ancient man in a robe can then be an allegorical symbol , letter , number , heiroglyph , for balance not a superficial/material(?) clever man . The balance scale truss holds both sides , it can equal out two oppositions be it a weight and an object or 2 sides of any dual or opposing pairs .

The keys needed are simplicity to see a single unified source , syncretism ….. not uneccessary complication to all things which roots division and separation THE root of all issues , deeper into mankind . So deep deep roots of division remember create long endless reaching branches above on the surface . As below so above . As within so without .

Duals are pairs and our left and right eyes at times are the duals we use to the tip scales , and the single eye in the center though is always the balanced scale …… ascension /awaresness /third eye /intuition /heart etc etc are all singular so are therefore balance/master , the ancient robed man . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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