Animal gods or principle/essence of the animal in man ? by Dave .


I see black rastaman bobo and nya with striking turban wrapped dreads the same look as the ancient ‘egyptians’ with a tall crown . Khemet crowns to jah-jah crowns . In the same land over time Africa , the source .

I see the ‘egyptian’ ‘gods’ with animal heads the same as todays native indians wearing a fox or bear or cougar head and skin as a head dress in a ceremony .
In a slightly different perspective even look at the bases of many martial arts which study and execute animals movements .

To the ancient ‘Egyptians’ of Khem , the animal depicted on the human body represented , the nature or essence of that animal in man , not a god with a birds head . THE principle of that animal was the representation . Look across all cultures to see this variation or interpretation …. syncretism /unity …. all from a source .

Take the principle of the animal , Jackal in ancient Khem times , the origin of language , writing , arts , mathematics , astrology , alkhemy etc etc forever . Now this ‘god’ which modern egyptology calls it is actually explained by ancient indigenous wisdom keeper of Khem Hakim Awyan this : … in early days the tomb was just the body on the ground really and covered with many branches and stones etc and rocks and the jackal would come and dig it up and destroy their contents and afterlife journeys etc , everything they prepared for . So now then here is created the principle of fear and the jackal head is used on the human form to depict this , only to receive an incorrect interpretation from outsiders , to be called a god .

From there forward we as mankind worship animals and use them as gods , signs , glyphs , etc each culture in their own way to explain and depict ….. naturally …. but they are all stating …WE ARE nature . Ntr . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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