The Khem 5 daily stages of the sun . Nut(female sky) and Gib(male earth) depiction . by Dave .


Before studying anything from Khem , this depiction always stuck to me like a magnet , for some reason i have always loved it and had no clue what it was lol . Why be interested in an old thing of junk the masses might say ? Me i say if it jumps out , click save . Years later after learning its meaning and much more from Ancient Khem tradition by Hakim Awyan the indigenous Khem wisdom keeper , everybit learned is a key that unlocks or enables to ‘see’ more just as they the ancients state , even this depiction has helped align and unify the thinking prosess for me , as now in this depiction to me i can see , its a yearly calender , a daily sun cycle , my lifetime stage calander , and much more . Never think any small depiction cant teach you , this is why they were made , they hold more power than any words from a man could say . Never question why you like something you see that might be ancient , there is a reason for this , its in you . Instead of being attached to iconic simpleton corporate depictions (GM , CNN , MAC ) as they would like , focus to these types and discover why they stuck to you , they are needed , moreso desperately even today .

The Depiction
… morning/mourning we say as we arise , lol kill your day and cry right out of bed .

In a lost Khemet time sunrise was known as sa-ra (birth of Ra) . The first stage of the Sun(kheper,scarab) in the 5 daily stages . The sky is a woman Nut(“noot”) and she is an arch over the earth(Gib) a man , her legs are east , her womb births the sun where begins daylight , this is its first stage . This 5 stages of the sun is the teaching for the basis of Ancient Khemet theology .

Written in “hieroglyphs” as the greeks called them , who gave us their interpretation known today as modern egyptology , ancient Sufi/Suf (‘Soofi/Soof’) language as known to the Khemets is its true name . The sky was a female ‘goddess'(principle) because the sky rules all things on earth whether you agree or not its the sky that produces the cycles and the sun for life etc etc on this planet .
Ancient Khem in Africa as it was called long before the greeks named it egyptos , was female rule , matriarchal , not partiarchal as modern egyptology states that is based from Herodotus greek patriarchal(male rule) writings .. the symbol even for a female was the throne and so was her crown shaped as a throne, no higher position . I have an overstanding now and just wrote this all out from Dr Awyan’s teachings . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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