In-phase wave or out of phase wave . by Dave .

I look at things like this , the thoughts we carry are all vibrations or energies .
From the first stage of the process of vision with the 2 eyes , are they unbias ? What are they attached to literally as well as mentally what governs them ? What rules , guidelines etc in the mind do they operate by ? Hate , anger , happiness , discrimination , jealousy , intent , love etc so , many types of thoughts(vibrations) can influence the first stage the incoming camera , but not only this , what is being LOOKED FOR , usually adding to disharmonious vibrations . Stuck in and with unbalanced disharmonious vibrations of thought attract this and it mutiply’s . Opposite thought , harmonious , pure , natural , vibrations attract the same and it also multiply’s .
ALL wave vibrations are the same , say as a sound wave , when you have continuous waves that reflect back inphase on themselves(disharmonious thought) they are louder ( increase) …. when you switch the soundwave reflecting back upon itself 180 deg out of phase (change to harmonious thought) it cancels out (the snowballing and trap of bad thought) . . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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