Thought and Speech and Actions … incorrect vibrations ? by Dave .

Even the ancient Dogon tribe still alive in Africa today speak of this field(matching Gregg Bradens scientific and spiritual epic work) and that all objects receive and send also , (BY U LAY if i remember is how they were saying it) and its like a mesh and its constant , a frequency , vibration , pulse , communication , and we have created a big block in the flow of this . We stand with this vibration out of tune on earth , and all objects above we disrupt them . Instead of perceptions that maintain this flow , we have ones that unknowingly act as a filter or screen for our planet to receive and send . We are like a lead blanket covering our sphere . This is like a flea on a dog , the dog will shake til it is removed . In nature when it doesn’t like something it eliminates it . Its as simple as it gets , as all things are . False harmful religions , ego , greed , selfishness , ignorance etc are all unbalanced and unharmonious harmful vibrations to the universally balanced vibration we need to exist . Thoughts create and words shape (vibration) . The forces of nature will do what it needs to erase the block (us) and bring universal harmony back by correcting all vibrations between itself and every sphere . Its had to do it before .
Lets not be this cause by staying in this negative thinking and these disrupting mindsets and attempting to correct nature with chemtrails , reforesting , restocking lakes , for example , when no one realizes , science is merely attempting to repair (which in long term destroys) on the outside what is going on inside of each earthly sphere . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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