War on Ascension ? by Dave .

ascension… just a thought …
We are flooded daily with chemicals and impurities . From the moment we awake each morning , we brush the teeth with flouride , shower in the flouride , put on clothes that were dryed with a chemically scented sheet , use chemical soaps , shampoo , shave cream , body deodorant , room deodorant , “air” freshners , etc and so on , all to be accepted in society , hmmm . Then its off to work to the water cooler to talk of unaware people and governments … with big pretty smiles and properly accepted scented bodies ….
Take you back in time to correct this thinking that it is “all ok” and accepted .

Since mans timeline is basically fucked and inaccurate lies i will just say go back 10 000 years and find the chemicals ? Oh right there aren’t any ooops . There were 4 things : pure food , water , the forest(nature) , and a Gnosis of universal unity . The connections lost , the spiral downward began .
The war was staged ages ago but not between people , the war on our ascension and well being is the only true war . Wars between countries and everything else is even a result from the lack of the 4 . Lookinnotout .


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