…. and the newest Cosm , Internetcosm i dub thee . Manmade Nature Ntr Mimic Electronic Cosm . Study Ntr then copy in electronic , mechanical , or synthetic form . A map of the internet .

As Above So Below

  The picture shows a structural similarity in terms of connections and distribution of matter in the brain and in the universe. The left photo is a microscopic view, the one on the right is a macroscopic view. The brain is like a microcosm. Micro Macro Meta Cosm . As Above …..    

BioManKhemistree , of life . by Dave .

Pure food + Pure water = Pure thinking = Pure manifestation . False food + False water = False thinking = False manifestation . Pure food and water is Light , Light is truth . False food and water is Darkness , Darkness are lies or veiled truths . Simple formulas , eat and drink…

Are YOU The Conductor ? by dave

I believe that we can heal ourselves with thought . Not from the mind but with heart thought . Its more of a Knowing . I believe i can explain this simply as a trainyard . Different lanes or tracks to be in/on , the consciousness arterial system . All possibilities/ tracks go through a…