Are YOU The Conductor ? by dave

SunsetTracksCropI believe that we can heal ourselves with thought . Not from the mind but with heart thought . Its more of a Knowing . I believe i can explain this simply as a trainyard . Different lanes or tracks to be in/on , the consciousness arterial system . All possibilities/ tracks go through a switchyard .

I believe the material mind is used to/programmed to “ask” permissions all through life , acting as if nothing is known or can be thought out . Stumble along not even knowing which tracks you are on . Where heart thought is direct and a knowing and more of an agreement letting consciousness know you are on to this . It becomes like a mutual respect and a personalized direct connection/communication with it . Instead of as a child , “nervous” to ask or whatever the word used , the aim is to be firm and “present”(thought/vibration) the understanding you have that you ARE part of it , not outside it viewing and asking permissions , ITS ALREADY YOURS . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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