A Thought . by Dave .

… just a quick simple shared self Thot (is there a reason this so named Thoth is said to be the first scribe and inventor of much ? If one knows Thot as Thought then yes ohhhhh thought(vibration) creates/seeds these things now it alllllllll makes sense) ….

Pictures are glyphs we used these a long time ago and then there became many names for them , in mans mind we still use them , when i say knife , guess what you just saw in your mind , busted . Have to see it to grasp it , hmmmmm .
So pics charts graphs etc are the same , a glyph is a teaching or a mindset , well if we look at a stack of things , images etc , a new mindset or perspective can be seen then built . The ancient Kemetian temples were the masters , the teachers , the guru’s …. the first priests were wisdom or knowledge priests of Holy Sciences / Knowledge and being Part of Nature Ntr , a Knowing that ALL is connected , no division and That was the religion . Gods are principles of nature and nothing more , any religion outside of that is falsely surface read . If you can read your religious texts and replace the word god with nature , and see it resonates now and makes sense , then that is pure source kept but “re-owned” by another culture .
So as in teachings go if then a god is a principle of nature then yes we of course have masculine and feminine and now god and goddesses …. principles , forces , energies etc in nature . Lets go farther and say that a brother and sister god even mated and created a baby to veil and shroud the knowledge even deeper under allegory and lets be the few wise enough to know this states as science does yes 2 principles , energies , forces can combine to create a new principle and human masc and fem can combine to form a new human principle ? Not in new religions one might think , god and satan uhh – ohhhh theres two principles good/evil positive/negative light/darkness love/hate … shall i go on or take your pic . Duals and balance of , is master . Yep / as above so below across the board , no more pie slices . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm . Ommm


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