Dark and Light – Allegory and Foundation . by Dave .

a-single-lightLight and Dark :
– day and night – truth and lie – awake and asleep – hot and cold – positive and negative – resurrection and crucifixion – love and war – care and neglect – real and fraud – aware and brainwashed – free and slave – health and illness , summer and winter , and so on . ALL the sub duals are under either of the two main duals . Then everything also , into duals of thinking – literals and allegories – surface and foundation ….. natural .
Unbalance and harmony ….. Unharmonious and unity . Match the 2 words with “un” , they are the dark and the remaining 2 words are their duals , light . So overall instead of expanding everything into division , compress them to similars and SEE they are that . You cant talk unity until you FULLY see it and live it , as it is not just an issue in people . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .

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