… “its hard to correct a body its easier to correct a cell ” . by Dave .

I’m walking to get a drink of water and stop at a piece of paper and a pen i see , i jot down this line that popped into my head randomly , “its hard to correct a body its easier to correct a cell ” ….. umm lol ok thanks universe but as you clearly know i am already in thought with about 3ish unrelated topics but yes i like it so i’ll jot it down thanks , i’ll look at it later lol .

But i stand there and go in deep and add like always to it as this is the purpose i believe to trigger and bring this out and share so anyways it turned into this thought , i wrote it out standing at the table for a couple minutes , threw the pen down on the paper when i finished it , smiled and walked away and got my glass of water …. why did i smile ? I just pleased the universe and as a Planet Mercury ruled being i did my purpose , mailman lol …. ohh , yes , it smiled back at me … see this machine above me knows how to send me into thought deeply enough to see the unity every time and the syncretism in all things . As an example this message is simply , in one angle alone saying to me ” tell the people to stop pointing the finger and trying to repair each other as well as up to world issues etc with jibber jabber as by taught …. instead point inward and repair the self , merely a cell of this body and once the cells repair then the planetary body naturally repairs and heals ” .
From then the sheet of paper –

” … Its hard to correct a body , its easier to correct a cell . So as you are a cell of this planetary body , lookinnotout . Everything is the same , for example with cell salts , they naturally correct and balance the cells , bring harmony WHICH THEN naturally correct the body secondly . That is the order and it matters not which cells and bodies we speak of in this chain . Do you see this complete pie ? How every slice is identical and represents both the next slice as well as the complete circular pie . This is the mindset , this is knowing the self and all of nature and its principles . Equally , evenly , entirely . This cannot ever be strayed from as there are no exceptions or any single slices that sit alone , Separated . Lookinnotout . Dave Emm .


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