Chromo-some / Chromo-sum . by Dave .

Chromo-some / Chromo-sum

“chromo-some” – ok Marty Leeds a few days ago explains in a seminar that its ” light – some” so its ‘some light’ .
Nope , if you take chroma back to greek and say color/light , then you must take ‘some’/soma back to greek and thats body . Ok perfect .
Start fresh :
So we take then “Chromasome” its “Colorbody” , we can say light in place of color but we will change nothing from meanings . Now i dont want to type lots so this will be fast and those that know will follow easy . Keep in mind also on this(now just plain modern style) – Chroma/color-some Chroma/color-sum .
Take the Inez Perry wheel chart now , below in this post(note its title) , see the human body form in the center , see the colorwheel around the perimiter , hmmm here it is … we have this word with chromasome ( that we are comprised of) that modern science uses and we have old knowledge here on this chart from an ancient past ….. both merge . Let me take this even deeper , we have 12 strand dna and we have 12 signs , each sign a color , a mineral , musical frequency , etc . We are in the material womb for 9 of 12 months …… what colors did you receive ?


I would say again proof in this age that ancient man was farrrrrr superior to what we have to wait for modern man’s ‘mechanical science’ to sloooooowly figure out lol . Shame to disconnect from nature and its principles and sciences .
THE controlling modern man elite know all this ancient wisdom but needed to build junk to see if its real as they cannot grasp with a low level , un-resonant mind and no way of resonating with any senses above those great 5 material ones lol . Ok dont forget man copies nature , not in pie slices , look at anything , planes , boats , submarines ……..
Dave Emm . Lookinnotout .

…. edit – also note that in Sanskrit ‘soma’ is a plant used to make an extract called ” the climbing plant ” , hmmmm ascension plant ? But again this chromasome refering to light and life …..

Thank you to Mr Leeds for this Thot trigger .


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